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About Us


The Founding Story

The Founding Story


The Abari Collective began in 2006 as a school sponsorship program called Richard's Rwanda-IMPUHWE. The organization was founded by Jessica Markowitz when she was eleven years old to support educational opportunities for girls in Rwanda in the rural village of Nyamata. Jessica’s original inspiration stemmed from a Rwandan man named Richard Kananga, a representative from the National Unity and Reconciliation Commission in Rwanda. Richard stayed with Jessica’s family in the United States, and he recounted many sad realities about the 1994 genocide in Rwanda that left many children and young girls specifically orphaned and the heads of their households. After hearing these stories, Jessica with the help of her friends at school launched, Richard’s Rwanda-IMPUHWE a small club helping to empower young girls of Nyamata through educational opportunities (scholarships, uniform, school fees).

The US-based non-profit sponsored over 100 low-income girls in the rural area of Nyamata, Rwanda, to help them access an education and finish their schooling. Richard’s Rwanda-IMPUHWE has established student chapters in several middle and high schools across the United States that work together to raise funds to support Rwandan girls’ education.  Since 2006, Richard’s Rwanda has provided primary and secondary school scholarships to over 100 girls.

In 2017, the organization decided to create a new initiative called, The Abari Collective to offer employment and skill-building opportunities for these young women upon finishing their secondary school education. By offering vocational training and supplementary educational programs, The Abari Collective continues the vision of Richard's Rwanda-IMPUHWE, with empowering young Rwandan women at the core of its mission through economic independence and financial stability.

In the News

In the News


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